How to Set up a Bright & Bold Vision Board

Embracing creativity and productivity each day is so much easier when you have the perfect workspace where you can properly focus. A beautiful Vision Board hung above your desk is a great place to gather all of your thoughts, ideas, inspirations and project tasks. To get you started, here are some of our favourite tips and ideas.

You’ll need:

Vision Board
Inspiration Kit
To Do List
Notepad Cube
B5 Printed Notepad
Push Pins

Write down your goals for the year ahead

Having your goals written down where you can see them every day means you’re much more likely to stick to them. Whether you’re working on a creative project, learning a new language or setting up your own business, pin your goals to your board, as well as inspiring quotes to keep you motivated.

To Do List

Once you have your broader goals sorted, use a to do list to keep track of each task to get you there. You might want to have one to do list per project and one for personal items too, being sure to note any deadlines for each one. Refer to your list while you work and love the feeling of ticking off each item as you go.

Play with textures, colours and patterns

Finally, add interest to your Vision Board by mixing up different pieces for a unique and inspiring look. Pin some items straight into your board and add others by attaching to push pins so they sit at different depths. Then use ribbon, glitter tape, paper crafts or whatever you want to complete the look.

We hope you enjoy these ideas. Discover our Kontrast collection here.

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