How to Prepare your Diary for the New Year

A brand new year equals a fresh new start. 365 opportunities to live your very best life. So why not take a moment now to start looking ahead and plan for an incredible year? Your diary is a blank slate right now and it’s the perfect time to get it set up and ready to help you all year round.

1. Add birthdays and special events
It’s so worth taking the time to copy out birthdays, as well as add in all of your 2018 weddings, graduations, celebrations and more. Make this the year you find the perfect gifts early, plan your outfits and generally approach each event with a wonderful sense of calm.

2. Plan for positivity
2018 is the year of loving yourself and being truly healthy and happy. What little things could you do to improve your health and wellbeing? Add in affirmations, mantras, health trackers, wellbeing goals and anything else that will remind you to live well.

How to organise your diary

3. Get Creative
Your diary should reflect your creativity. Get thinking about borders, illustrations and themes you can add in to make your everyday even more beautiful. Not a fan of lettering and sketching? That’s OK, just add stickers instead!

4. Get inspired
Your diary isn’t only a scheduling tool. Make the most out of your notes pages, reading lists, bars and restaurants pages and more and love every single moment. Keep track of books to read, movies to watch and places to visit to make the year ahead so much fun!

5. Make time to get organised
Your diary will be your best friend if you check in regularly. Be sure to write down events and dates as soon as you find out about them. Plus set aside time at the end of each week to recap your achievements as well as plan for the week ahead. Check in on your progress towards your goals and make sure you have enough time to achieve what you want in the week ahead.

We hope these tips inspire you to show your diary more love. Shop our 2018 Diaries here. 

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