How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt at Home!

It’s the little moments that turn into big memories, so as we’re cosied up for a little while and Easter is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to begin planning an Easter Egg Hunt at home!

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What you’ll need:

Bunny ears
Egg hunt signs
Ribbon or twine
Craft supplies
Tape or glue
Skewers or pencils
A ‘hunting bag’ for each egg hunter
Lots of chocolate eggs!

Get Crafty

Download our free Bunny Ears, print onto A4 paper and carefully cut out each pair of ears. Now it’s time to add the final touches with some ribbon or twine to gently tie around your head; leave the ears as is, or be inspired to decorate with any crafty bits and bobs you may have!

Lead the way with clues and hints! Download our helpful signs to guide little bunnies to the eggs. Cut out each side, and tape or glue each sign as you fold it in half. Next, tape a skewer or pencil to the back of the sign.

Set special prizes

Keep things interesting by hiding a couple of special prizes in slightly harder hiding places. Tell your participants beforehand to keep an eye out for these and give little clues as the hunt goes on.

Keep a count of how many eggs you hide

Make a note of how many eggs there are so everyone knows when the hunt is over. You could also write down the trickier hiding places so you can check them off and provide clues if your gatherers need a little help.


Ready to start your Easter Egg Hunt? Download kikki.K Bunny Ears here and Egg Hunt Signs here.

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