How to Plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Who else has precious memories of excitedly hunting for eggs at Easter? We designed our Easter Egg Hunt Kit to add a stylish touch to this beautiful tradition, not to mention our specially designed Chocolate Eggs in collaboration with Koko Black. Be inspired to host the perfect Easter Egg Hunt with these easy ideas to help you celebrate.

What you’ll need:

Easter Egg Hunt Kit
Easter Gift Bags
Lots of chocolate

Add Clues

When hiding your eggs, you can use our special markers from the kit to lead the way. This adds a stylish sense of fun to the occasion as well as help kids along the way. Use the bunny markers to help smaller children find easier hiding places or write a cryptic clue on the blank egg markers as more of a challenge to older children or adults.

Set special prizes

Keep things interesting by hiding a couple of special prizes in slightly harder hiding places. Tell your participants beforehand to keep an eye out for these and give little clues as the hunt goes on. A cute Sticker Sheet or Pen Pack are each a great non-chocolate prize kids will love.

Keep different ages in mind

If you have different age kids taking part in your hunt, keep things fair by teaming younger children with an older child. This means they’ll have someone to help them along the way. Alternatively you could split up your garden into different sections for different ages, with easier hiding places for younger ones.

Keep a count of how many eggs you hide

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the last few eggs so make a note of how many eggs there are so everyone knows when the hunt is over. You could also write down the trickier hiding places so you can check them off and provide clues if your gatherers need a little help.

Ready to start your Easter Egg Hunt? Discover our gorgeous kit here.

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