How to Plan for Positivity Using Your kikki.K Planner

Be inspired to plan for positivity with your kikki.K Planner. In times of uncertainty, using your Planner to adapt to the changing world around you can help you to see the silver linings, connect with loved ones and express your creativity in unique ways.

Watch our video below for inspiring ideas on how you can plan for positivity – and have fun!

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Prepare and plan to connect with friends and family

Staying connected has never been more important. Use the customisable calendar layout to plan out notes, cards and letters of love and thanks to send to your loved ones. Keep an envelope full of cards and letters handy as well!

Set up and track self-care activities

Use your days wisely, ensuring your making time for self-care and celebrating the small wins and moments of gratitude! Use quotes and beautiful imagery to keep you motivated.

Create a special place to document gratitude

Turn your notes pages into your home of gratitude. Write down three things you’re grateful for every day and enjoy the feeling you get from stopping to acknowledge these things – no matter how great or how small.

Fill your planner with inspiring details to stay motivated

Think about what you love. Is it colour? Is it inspiring quotes? Photos? Stickers? Fill your planner with things that spark inspiration for you and help you to live every day to the fullest.

Most of all, have fun with your Planners. And don’t forget to share how you use your kikki.K Planner with us using #kikkikplannerlove

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