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When we own our stories, we live a life of connection – with ourselves and with others. It’s about loving yourself, being present and really enjoying the journey that is your life. That’s why I’m so excited to present our newest collection, Own Your Story, which is full of tools to help you do just that.

Kristina Karlsson

Combining the sweetest illustrations and a bold colour palette of pink and black with highlights of gold foil, the collection is full of stationery and lifestyle essentials to help you be courageous and live a life in alignment with your values. I’m so excited to present our new Own Your Story Book, which is full of questions, tips and prompts to help you pause, reflect and practise self-care. There is something so powerful about writing down your thoughts and memories on paper.


There are also so many other new products to love, including body care pieces, pretty jewellery and new journal formats. I’ve been using our Grid Journal to create a completely customised planner. The grid layout makes it easy to get creative; sketching, writing notes, creating trackers and forming to do lists. I can’t wait to see how kikki.K lovers are using theirs on social media.

Own Your Story Collection


As part of our campaign, we’ve worked with three creative and inspiring women from around the globe to share how they are making their mark on the world. You can watch these to see how artist Bobby Clark, business owner Emma Head of Sweet Mickie and letter artist Emma Block each own their individual stories.

When we fully take ownership of our own lives, we’re truly in the driving seat and then anything is possible. I hope this new collection helps you own your story, instead of letting your story own you.

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