How to Organise your Desk and Make it Oh-So-Sweet

Your work space can do so much to inspire productivity and make you happy. It should be a reflection of you, your dreams and your goals. So why not fill yours with beautiful things? Combine form and function to get organised, minimise paperwork and add inspiring design touches.

Watch our video and be inspired to get started!

We used…

Quote Cards
Card Box Set
Shaped Dishes
Cat Mug
Wooden Animals
Pug Pencil Case
A5 Feature Journal
Magnetic Page Markers
Adhesive Notes
Mini Stationery Kit

Organise your desk with these ideas

 Our favourite organisation tips!

1. Set some time aside to think about your role, projects and responsibilities.

2. Write these down on a piece of paper, mapping our major categories and sub categories – e.g. maybe you’re an Art Director. You might map out your responsibilities as: projects, photo shoots, designs, copy and direct reports.

How to decorate your desk

3. Use folders, storage boxes and more to ensure that there is a space to organise each area of your role. Label sub folders, use in trays and be inspired to simplify your paperwork.

4. Add a Vision Board and map out your goals, inspirations and dreams.

5. Add little design touches that will make you smile all week long!

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