How to make DIY Party Hats

We love making birthday parties bright and colourful with these DIY Party Hats in all our favourite shades. So we thought we’d share our Free Downloadable Template with you so you can make your next celebration even more fun. We’ve used our Why Not? Wrapping Paper to make these but you can mix and match the colours to suit your theme, using different patterns and prints and even adding your own personal touches like photos and stickers.

You will need

Your kikki.K Downloadable Template
Wrapping Paper or thick coloured paper
Scissors and a craft knife
Lengths of ribbon
Tissue or crepe paper
String or fishing wire

To make yours simply follow these easy instructions:

1) Download our free PDF Template and then print and cut it out on A4 paper

2) Trace the template on your chosen Wrapping Paper

3) Cut out the hat and use a craft knife to cut the slot, sliding the tab into the slot to fasten.

4) On each side of the hat, make small criss-crossed cuts with your knife, stick the ribbon through and tie a knot to hold.


To make the pompoms:

1) Wrap your yarn around a fork until you have a thick layer (around 30 wraps) and cut the end of the wool

2) Using a small piece of wool, wrap this around the middle of the section you just made, tying it securely. Do this in the middle of your pompom by threading through the centre of the prongs.

3) Take your wool off the fork and cut all the loops to form a pompom shape. You can trim some of the strands to ensure your pompom is nice and neat.

4) Attach your pompom to the hat using a hot glue gun.

Now you’ve got gorgeous party hats for your celebration, why not match the rest of your décor with pretty DIY decorations in similar colours? You could even use the above technique to make full sized pompoms to match. We’d love to see how you style your next party so use the hashtag #kikkiKLove to share.

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