How to Live with More Energy with Dr Libby Weaver

Many people don’t know what their body is really designed to feel like. We go through life feeling sluggish but don’t really address the underlying issues that make us feel this way. That’s why we love Exhausted to Energized by nutritional biochemist, seven-time number one bestselling author and international speaker Dr Libby Weaver.

Dr Libby Weaver

This book is full of information, tips and action steps perfect for anyone who wants to live their best life, full of energy. We especially love how her approach to energy and wellness is genuine, balanced and founded on her wealth of knowledge.

Exhausted to Energised Journal

We caught up with Dr Libby to find out more about living with more energy.

What’s the one question you ask yourself each day?

What would courage have me do?

 What does being healthy mean to you?

To me wellness means thriving not surviving – it means being present to the gift that life is, contributing, and doing what makes your soul sing. It means waking up feeling energised, excited by the possibilities a new day brings. For me this is created through nutrient-dense food choices, movement, meditation and looking at the night sky.

Exhausted To Energised Book

 What one thing could we all be doing more of to live with more energy?

Let yourself have what you already have. Even if it is right in front of you every day, and you don’t let yourself have it – which means noticing it, taking it in, allowing yourself the pleasure of it – it is never yours. It never becomes part of the ground of goodness on which you can live, and this, the essence of this, forms so much of our foundation of joy that isn’t really discussed. Because if you don’t ‘let yourself have’ an amazing sunset, a cool evening breeze on your face after a hot day, a majestic view, then what else are you denying yourself? Why not let yourself have what you already have?

I have read that when people who are dying are asked what they will miss the most, they say, “the ordinary things. The smell in the air just before rain. The feeling of my dog’s fur under my hands. My partner’s face. A freshly cut lemon. The night sky.” We have those now. Let yourself have what you already have. It’s what joy is all about and joy gives us an irreplaceable depth of energy.

What’s the one stationary item you can’t live without?

A beautiful paper diary.

Are you ready to start living with more energy? Discover Dr Libby’s book here. We also have a special Exhausted To Energised Journal to use alongside the book.

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