How to Host the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Life was made for celebrating and we love taking every chance to do just that. This Easter, why not spread the love with family and friends by hosting a fun Easter Egg Hunt? All you need is some delicious chocolate and our Easter Hunt Kit  to get started.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

1) Use the Easter Hunt signs to help little ones find the eggs. They also add a fun styling element to make the whole event even more special.

2) Give each child a Gift Bag from the kit so they can gather the eggs.

3) Consider hiding little stationery items so there’s more to find than just chocolate. You could even place these inside our Påsk Ägg – a traditional Swedish paper egg that opens to reveal treats inside.

4) Keep track of how many eggs there are and where you hide them to avoid confusion!

We hope you enjoy using these ideas to host your hunt. Discover our Easter collection here.



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