How to Hand Letter with Letters By Fiona

To Celebrate World Stationery Day, we’re asking some of our favourite stationery lovers to share a creative tutorial. Thanks to Letters By Fiona for this gorgeous guest post…

Hand lettering is such a wonderful way to express your unique self, through the simple act of putting pen to paper. This is a great way to personally hand write messages and meaningful quotes to family and friends. I have always dreamed of being able to write beautiful hand written words for years and without any classes and only online tutorials, I had developed my own writing technique and you can too!

Mind you, I am still practising and I am always learning, growing and improving as a letterer! Hand lettering is not only rewarding but most importantly it is therapeutic. I could come home from work and my mind unwinds and relaxes as I practice varying strokes and styles.

How to hand letter

A simple type of hand lettering is known as faux calligraphy (or modern calligraphy) and only requires your standard ballpoint or gel pen.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pen: I personally use the pens at kikki.K; both the gel and ballpoint pens are smooth and perfect for hand lettering

2. Paper: I love using the cute notebook paper at kikki.K. The varying styles and page boarders are too irresistible to not letter your favourite quote

3. Style: Begin by practising cursive writing (I personally write printed letters)

4. Sizing and angles: If you’re hand lettering quotes or words, let your mind flow and experiment with different sizing of the words and the bouncy-ness of each letter

How to hand letter

5. Letters and loops: You can be extra fancy and make the ‘loops’ on letters like ‘f, g, j, k, l, y’ larger

6. Down strokes and up strokes: Once you have practised your lettering style you can leave it as is or you can mimic calligraphy styled fonts by drawing a thicker line on the downward strokes, leaving the upper strokes ‘thin’. These downward and upward strokes represent the stroke of each letter as you are writing.

Tips:  I practised everywhere, even when I couldn’t find any pen or paper I found finger lettering in the air very helpful too! Explore other styled fonts and find the ones you are most comfortable with patience and practice makes progress!

Discover the perfect lettering tools here.

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