How to Get Organised for the New Financial Year

It’s nearly a new financial year in Australia and New Zealand, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about implementing some simple organisation tips that can help you make the most of the next 12 months.

Being organised means that you value your time. It means that you have the energy to do more and achieve more. It also saves stress overall as you properly manage your time, your paper work and your life! So be inspired to raise your organisation game with these simple ideas.

1. Have a place for everything

You can’t lose something if you always put it in the same place! From your paperwork to your keys, assign a set place for everything in your workspace and be diligent about always putting things in the right place. Add little dishes for your keys, rings or odds and ends. Use and properly label folders for your paper work.

2. Declutter, declutter, declutter

Our lives are full enough without filling them with objects too! Be ruthless with your clutter and you might be surprised about how many things you’ve been holding on to that you don’t need. Start by decluttering your paperwork and desk, then move on to your email inbox, your phone, your desktop and more.

3. Start each day with a plan

Discover the power of focus each morning and spend some time thinking about your priorities and mapping out your day. There are so many great ideas for managing your time in Cyril Peupion’s book Work Smarter, Live Better. We love using his simple techniques to get more out of each day and cut out time wasters.

4. Keep important documents

While decluttering, take time to think about the important documents we actually do need to keep. Invoices, receipts, manuals… these are all things we don’t value until we really need them. Use dedicated folders for each, labelling them clearly so it’s a breeze to find things whenever you need them.

5. Keep track of your expenses

Did you know that in Australia there are many items you can claim as expenses at tax time? Store your receipts for all work related expenses in a Receipts Organiser, making sure to organise by month. At the end of the year it will be super easy to add up and list your expenses.

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