How to Decorate your Tree the Swedish Way

A gorgeous Christmas tree really is the heart of every home over the holidays in Sweden. Choosing the right one is a serious matter, with the whole family heading out to find the perfect tree. Then it’s time to gather round together to decorate it, drinking glögg and eating traditional treats like pepparkakor while Christmas music plays.

We invite you to enjoy this beautiful tradition in your home this year with our gorgeous decorations.

  1. Light up your tree with our gorgeous Copper Lights to ward off the long, dark nights.
  2. Then add a mixture of traditional Wooden Decorations and Ceramic Baubles – we love our little Tomtenisse and Sleigh for a touch of classic Swedish fun.
  3. Sprinkle some Instant Snow to bring that white Christmas feeling.
  4. Finish by adding Wooden Tree Decorations and Paper Trees to the base of your tree for a festive scene to match your beautifully wrapped gifts.

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