How to Decorate your Tree the kikki.K Way

The home is at the centre of the festive season and no Swedish home would be complete without a Christmas Tree. In Sweden, the whole family gets in the car to pick up the tree and finding the perfect one is serious business. Next up, everyone gets together to drink glӧgg (mulled wine), eat pepparkakor (gingerbread biscuits) and hang the decorations just so.

When a home is filled with beautiful things to make you smile and people who do the same, a home is filled with heart. Be inspired to fill your home with love by decorating your tree the kikki.K way with these ideas…

Decorate your Christmas tree with these ideas

Keep things minimal

We love the idea of keeping things simple by choosing a colour scheme and sticking to it. Try sophisticated white and gold for a beautifully Swedish look and feel.

Decorate your Christmas tree with these ideas

Make it meaningful

Whether you create some DIY ornaments of your own, or choose some that have a special meaning for you, there’s something so beautiful about making your tree unique to your family.

Light it up

During the dark nights in Sweden, we love to fill our homes with light. Be inspired to do just that by adding Copper Wire Lights to your tree, as well as decorating the surrounding space with candles.

Decorate your Christmas tree with these ideas

Wrap your gifts beautifully

OK this tip might not strictly be for your tree but we love the way beautifully wrapped gifts can make a statement in your home. Be inspired to create unique looks with beautiful wrap, trim and accessories.

We hope these ideas inspire you to bring a slice of Sweden to your home. Be sure to share your ideas with us using #kikkiKGratefulHeart.

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