How to decorate your Mint Planner for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to get organised with your Planer, using it to prepare for a calm and stress-free holiday season. Why not take some time to decorate yours and get into the festive spirit, listening to some Christmas music and enjoying traditional Swedish treats? Discover our favourite ideas below.

We used:
Limited Edition Planner Gift Pack
Paper Lover’s Book
Mini Wrapping Kit
Printed Paper Tape
Gift Tags 10pk
DIY Sticker Book
Mini Stationery Kit
Adhesive Dots

kikki.K Mint Christmas Planner

Decorate your Inside Cover
The front of your Planner is the perfect place to create some festive inspiration. Take out a roll from Mini Wrapping Kit and place over the divider tab, sticking down with Adhesive Dots. Add some Printed Paper Tape and stick down 2 Mini Envelopes and Cards. Add a star Gift Tag and decorations from the Paper Lover’s Book to your front pockets.

Get organised for Christmas with these Planner styling ideas

Organise your Calendar Pages
Be inspired to plan for the months ahead by using the Glitter Tape from your Planner Gift Pack and adding your limited edition Stickers and Page Marker. A quote from your Vision Board Kit placed in an envelope is the perfect finishing touch.

Find ideas for decorating your kikki.K Christmas Planner

Add some gorgeous Snow Flakes
Take out 2 Gift Tags and stick them together, hole punching using your Mini Stationery Kit and then adding to your binder rings. Pop out snowflakes from the Paper Lover’s Book and stick down carefully on the divider tab. Finish the look with stickers from your DIY Sticker Book.

Create this super easy DIY page marker for your kikki.K Mint Planner

Create a DIY Page Marker
Pull out tree printed Notepaper from the Paper Lover’s Book, fold in 3 and stick together to make a simple and useful Page Marker. Cut to the correct length, hole punch and decorate with Stickers.

Find ideas for decorating your kikki.K Christmas Planner

Store your Christmas Gift Tags
You Planner is the perfect place to store little wrapping essentials like Gift Tags. Pull out a page of black & white printed notepaper from your Paper Lover’s Book, then add an envelope and decorations.

We hope these ideas inspire you to plan for the year ahead. Discover our Planners here.

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