How to Paint your Journal with And Smile Studio

To Celebrate World Stationery Day, we’re asking some of our favourite stationery lovers to share a creative tutorial. Thanks to And Smile Studio for this gorgeous guest post…

After having a lovely day out pour yourself a cup of tea and write a list of things you did on the day. I had a wonderful day on Sunday which started with a cup of tea from the cutest kikki.K cup and some doodles, then I went to the flower market and bought some plants. On the way I stopped for a coffee and watched people and dogs go around their business, spotting beautiful blossoms on the way back home.

How to paint an illustrated journal layout


I love spring, it’s such a beautiful and colourful time of the year, perfect for an illustrated journal spread. So based on my day I will draw things around 4 events: tea in the morning, plants, people watching and blossoms. Starting with the tea in the morning.


Step 1:
Sketch your drawing lightly (I used a kikki.K pencil)

Step 2:
Add base colour (I used gouache here). Filled in the teacup, saucer, plate, my hands, and jumper.

How to paint your journal

Step 3:
Add details to the drawing (gouache and round synthetic brush). Here I added polka dots to the jumper stripes and dots to the kikki.K teacup and saucer as well as red nail varnish.

Step 4:
Add text to go with your drawing, I used super cute kikki.K black pen. If you are out on that day, maybe you felt or overheard something which you remembered, and it would be fun to add to the diary, in this case, I wrote my favourite thing about mornings.

How to paint your day in a journal

Step 5:
Repeat each step for all of your daily events & thumbnails and are done!

You have created a beautiful illustrated spread of one day in your life. Painting is a good mindfulness practice and will brighten up pages of your journal. You can do one painting and a lot of text or make your spread dominated by the paintings. It will be so much fun look back at that day!

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