How to Decorate your Diary

We believe that something wonderful happens when you set aside some time each day to slow down and check in with yourself. You could be ticking off your to do list and reassessing your priorities. Or maybe you’re simply touching base to see how you feel and whether you’ve achieved your wellness goals for the week. The act of putting pen to paper to write down these goals and tasks is the first step to actually achieving them and living the life you want to lead.

A diary can be a beautiful tool to help facilitate these actions each day, as you’re encouraged to check in by adding new appointments and tasks. With that in mind, we wanted to share some fun ideas to decorate and organise your kikki.K diary.

Tips to decorate and organise your diary

Add Weekly Goals – these could be fitness goals, family and relationship focused, or work related. Set some time aside at the beginning of the week to define these and love checking in each day as a reminder to achieve what you set out to.

Inspire yourself with Quotes – the things we see each day can have such an amazing effect on our positivity and mindset. Choose a couple of your favourite Quotes or cut outs from your favourite Paper Lover’s Book and place them somewhere you’ll see them all the time.

Tips to decorate and organise your diary

Write down your Priorities – we used a sheet from our To Do List Pad to write down our top priorities for the week, so that it’s impossible to forget them.

Get Creative – your diary is your daily tool so should reflect your personality. We used our Printed Notepad to create a customised look that is sure to inspire each day.

We hope these ideas inspire you to get started. Discover our diaries here.

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