How to Decorate your Cute Diary for School

Get set to start a new school year with positive vibes and a whole heap of cuteness with our 2019 Cute Diary. Watch our video for creative ideas on how to decorate yours with some of our favourite products, and let’s make 2019 your best year ever!

We used…

2019 Cute Diary
Mini Weekly Planner Pad
Cute Paper Lover’s Book
Soft Stickers Sheet
Adhesive Notes
To Do List Pad
Pom Pom Paper Clips
Large Paper Clip
Greeting Cards
Rotating Stamp and Ink Pad
Everyday Ballpoint Pens

Create a weekly to do list

Your diary should be your go-to tool for all your tasks and everyday organisation. Keeping track of what’s coming up each week is simple with our adhesive Mini Weekly Planner Pad. Simply fill out your major weekly tasks, tear off and stick to the first page of your diary each week for quick reference. We used stickers from our Cute Paper Lover’s Book to add a little extra personality – but you could use any stickers from kikki.K, or simply let the adhesive pages do the work for you. The best part is, you can simply replace your list whenever you need to!

Make a note of key dates and deadlines

The best way to start a new year is to go through your diary and make note of any important dates, birthdays, holidays and other important events to ensure you’re well prepared. Taking the time to do this properly at the beginning of the year will save you time each month and ensure you don’t miss anything. Be sure to continue to add in any major dates as they year progresses – assessments, assignment deadlines and other special events that will pop up.

To mark important dates and events in our diary, we’ve used a variety of stickers and cut-outs from the Paper Lover’s Book and Soft Stickers Sheet as well as Adhesive Notes, To Do List Pads, Pom Pom Paper Clips, the Large Paper Clip and even one of the oh-so-cute Greeting Cards from the Cute Collection. But our all-time favourites for marking important dates is the Rotating Stamp and Ink Pad Set, which includes a rotatable rubber stamp and ink pad with the following messages and designs:

    • MONDAY
    • FRIDAY
    • SUNDAY
    • XOXO

Save time by keeping your diary up to date

Make more time for the things you love by keeping your diary up to date. Proper organisation is the key to working smarter, not harder. Taking 10-15 minutes each day to make sure all your notes are copied into your diary and your to do list is up-to-date will save you time in the long run. Keep everything coordinated as you put pen to paper each day with our adorable Everyday Ballpoint Pens.

Remember to enjoy each moment

Being organised is the first step in inviting more balance and calm into your days, but it’s also so important to embrace each moment and have fun as well. The beauty of this Cute Diary is that it’s packed full of little reminders to pause and enjoy life. As your year progresses, remember to stop and be grateful, consider all the things that bring you joy and note them down. Decorate your pages as you go with all the wonderful products in our Cute Collection.

Embrace a little sunshine each day with our 2019 Cute Diary and make this year one to remember!

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