How to Decorate our Sweet Planner

Take some time out of each day to pause, re-prioritise and plan, and love feeling perfectly organised and in control. This gorgeous new Sweet Planner is perfect for helping you do just that. Be inspired to decorate yours and get more out of your days with these gorgeous ideas.

You’ll need…

Sweet Personal Planner
DIY Sticker Book
Quite Cards
To Do List
Magnetic Page Markers
Paper Clips
Key Ring
Pencil Case
B6 Printed Notepad
Adhesive Notes
Sticker 2 Pk
Mini Stationery Kit
Card Box Set
Glitter Tape

Start by adding some fun

Brighten your days by adding adorable Quote Cards to the front of your planner. We then used a sheet from our Card Box set to create a DIY dashboard, hole punching with our Mini Stationery Kit. Finish with another Quote Card and Glitter Tape.

How to decorate your kikki.K Sweet Planner

Organise your days

Next, we organised our Calendar Pages using stickers and our Printed Notepad. Be sure to make your current page easy to find using our Magnetic Page Markers.

How to decorate your kikki.K Sweet Planner

How to decorate your kikki.K Sweet Planner

Keep track of your To Do List

Finally we created a mini DIY To Do List by cutting a sheet down to size. This is the perfect way to easily see your tasks and priorities. Finish with an envelope and card from our Card Set to add some fun.

Loving these ideas? Discover our Sweet Planner here.


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