How to Customise Your Planner & Make It Oh So Pretty

Be inspired to live your best life with our gorgeous new Ice Blue Personal Planner and Be Brave collection of pretty accessories. To help you organise and decorate yours, we’ve put together this simple guide based on our latest video.

You’ll need…

Ice Blue Personal Planner
DIY Sticker Book
Planner Dashboard Kit: Large
Glitter Tape
B5 Printed Notepad
Daily Notes Pad
Vision Board Kit
Quote Card Set
Adhesive Note Butterfly
Adhesive Dots
Stationery Kit
Letter Set With Case

Add an envelope to hold Quote Cards

Inside Cover – Add envelope for Quote Cards

The front of your Planner is perfect for keeping all of your documents and little notes. Use a piece of Notepaper edged with a strip of Glitter Tape to hide all of these little bits and pieces. Now using a piece of Notepaper and Envelope from our Letter Set, add these to the front of your Planner to store Quote Cards and little notes.

Decorate your Calendar pages with a kikki.K Planner Dashboard Kit

Calendar Pages

Stay up to date with all of your appointments and important dates by decorating your Calendar pages beautifully. Using our Planner Dashboard Kit, add cut out butterflies, then add Glitter Tape. Next add the plastic Dashboard from your Kit and decorate this with Quote Cards, also from the Kit. Finally use the pocked from the Kit, along with a sheet of the Daily Notes Pad to add your list of priorities so you know what to focus on.

Create a DIY Folder

Create a DIY Folder

You can never have too many placed to keep loose bits of paper in your Planner. It’s so easy to create this little folder. Simply pull out a sheet of Notepaper from the Printed Notepad and cut at an angle so it covers ¾ of the tab. Decorate with Glitter Tape and a Sticker from the DIY Sticker Book. Next stick down 3 sides, leaving the top side open for your notes.

Add a To Do List

Add a To Do List

Take out a sheet from your Daily Notes Pad and use a One Hole Punch to attach it to your Planner. Use this as a master list for your To Do section. Add a tag from the DIY Sticker Book and attach with a Bulldog Clip from the Stationery Kit to decorate.

Inspire yourself with your favourite photos

Inspire Yourself with your Favourite Photos

For the final step, take a Quote Card from your Vision Board Kit and attach to your divider. Using an Adhesive Note Butterfly, add your favourite Instagram Print to inspire you each time you see it. Decorate with Stickers from the DIY Sticker Book.

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  1. Very cute! You always have such wonderful ideas. Where can I find the clear zip bag in the 4th (Add A To Do List) photo? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hi this planner is very good it’s 2016 and I’ve been trying to find the ice blue planner I don’t know if there out of stock or ice blue doesn’t come in 2016 please tell me where I can find ice blue planners in Melbourne Victoria

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