How to Create the Perfect Study Space

Having a dedicated study space is a great way to help you cut out distractions and inspire you to do your best. The simple action of sitting down in an organised and tidy space that’s already set up just for you will do wonders for getting you in the right mind-set. And the great news is that you only need a few desk essentials to get everything ready. Discover some of our favourite tips and ideas for organising your space.

Choose the tools that work for you

From our Student Diary to our Study Planner, we’ve got so many options when it comes to taking control of your assignments, reading and revision.  Whichever one you choose, use it as your go-to for each subject, checking in each day to stay on top of deadlines and tasks. And be sure to write down all of your key dates so you remember to give yourself plenty of time to study, research and revise.

Set healthy habits

Looking after our body is the first step to a healthy mind. A glass Water Bottle in your workspace is a great reminder to stay hydrated and means you won’t have to keep running to fill it up. You can also use little bowls and dishes to serve up healthy snacks like fruit and nuts so you have plenty of energy to study and won’t be tempted by unhealthy treats.

Use a colour coded system

Organising your notes and documents in a visual way is a great trick for helping you stay organised. Whether you use coloured pens or Adhesive Notes, set up a coloured coded system so you can easily see each subject. Then you can use folders to quickly store notes and documents for easy reference later.

Surround yourself with inspiration

To make sure your work area feel welcoming, why not pin up photos or inspiring quotes? They’re a great way to motivate you to keep going and a reminder of all the amazing things you have to be thankful for.

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  1. This hurts my mind. This much order without disorder stagnates my creativity like water in a swamp; landlocked from the river and the ocean of inspiration.

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