How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine

By doing the things that energise us and make us happy, we’re able to focus more energy on achieving our dreams and goals. Whether you’re a morning person or a night person, having a great morning routine can do so much to set you up for the day ahead. To inspire you to create a routine of your own, we asked some of our favourite talented and successful people about their morning rituals.

 Elaine So, Creative Director, Pana Chocolate

Most mornings I will wake up at 6am and start with a yoga sequence, meditation and either journaling or reading before my little girl Willow is up at 7am.  Her Dad and I then spend some time playing with her before breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day.  We usually head out for a morning walk after breakfast and grab a coffee and some fresh air before heading back for Willow’s morning nap and I get started on my work.  The key to a happy, productive and relatively calm day for me is making sure that I take time out to make these morning rituals a priority.

Elaine So

 Carla Oates, The Beauty Chef

I wake up to my husband’s alarm at around 5am in the morning! On waking, I go for a walk or run along Bondi Beach, stretch, breathe in the ocean air, exhale any stress and when I return home, I have some of my GLOW Inner Beauty Powder with COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost in a glass of purified water. I love walking in the morning as it helps to get rid of any busyness in my mind and iron out any stress; I tend to walk it out and then towards the end of the walk, I am thinking very positively, constructively and calmly!

Exercise helps put me in a positive state of mind, followed by a nutrient dense breakfast, which helps ground and balance me for the day ahead and nourish me from the inside out!

Eating a good source protein is very important for breakfast and to have throughout the day as it is probably the best way to maintain metabolic efficiency, keep you feeling fuller for longer and keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. It also important for healthy, hormones and skin and helps to increase your basal metabolic rate.

Sarah Holloway

 Sarah Holloway, Matcha Maiden

I used to be a very early riser but these days, I try to let my body wake up naturally (which is usually between 8-9am). I generally start the day with a short meditation to ground myself and visualise the day ahead. Then I might take our beautiful retriever for a walk or head to a yoga class (because if I don’t exercise early in the day I tend to put it off).

The main part of my morning ritual comes next – a big fat brekky adventure. We are so spoilt for choice in Melbourne in terms of breakfast, so it would be rude not to take advantage of our bustling cafe scene (although I probably should eat at home a bit more often)! I always eat a big breakfast as it sets me up so well for the rest of the day – my favourite involves poached eggs, lots of avocado, greens, mushrooms and whatever other fun sides are on offer. It’s a bit of an indulgence but I demand so much of my body during the day, I figure the right fuel is worth the investment!


 Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust blogger

Depending on how late I retire to bed! Normally I wake at 6:00am in summer time and 7:00am in winter time. I can’t physically move or think until I’ve had my hit of caffeine – which is either a double shot latte or four heaped teaspoons of instant coffee with a splash of milk. I have an ongoing need to feel cleansed, so I won’t leave the house without a full face cleanse, cleaning out my ears and blowing my nose. I like to feel as if I am clean to the core and ready to take the day!

Although a little eccentric, I recently purchased two pallets of frozen acai to be shipped to Tasmania. You can’t buy it anywhere here so I bought a whole heap and filled 6 freezers with the stuff. Each morning I’ll have an acai bowl topped with granola (probably ’til the day I die by the amount I purchased).

Mornings are my chance to say to myself “You got this”. I make a detailed mental plan of everything I wish to achieve that day and take the time for coffee and breakfast to map out how I’ll manage the day. That one hour after I wake up and before I go to work is integral in how my day will be shaped… I take it slow so I’m ready to go hard and fast all day!


 Natalie Warner, Co-founder + Creative Director, Greene Street Juice Co.

Mornings are sacred for me. The phrase, “Begin as you mean to go on…” (by Charles Haddon Spurgeon) nicely describes my philosophy when it comes to greeting a brand new day, full of unlimited possibilities. My day always flows best when I take the time to tune in before reconnecting with the outside world. I also love rituals and finding pleasure in the simple things – not just in the morning, but all day – turning ordinary daily practices into exceptional experiences. This way of life all starts with my morning routine.

My typical day usually starts at 6am-ish and my morning routine incorporates simple rituals around: quality time with my husband Steve, gratitude, fresh air, amping up detoxification, meditation, movement and visualisation. First things first, I keep my phone on flight mode overnight and don’t get “back on the grid” until I have given myself the opportunity to greet the day mindfully and connect within.

I start each day with immense gratitude. I make it a habit to think of three things I am grateful for immediately upon waking. Weather permitting I like to open the bedroom window and let some fresh air in while I head to the bathroom to gently scrape my tongue (taking off that top layer of residue which is full of toxins my body has expelled overnight) and brush my teeth. I then have our Gotham City Deep Detox elixir. From 4am – noon is our body’s key detoxification phase, so for me the morning is all about assisting my body’s detoxification systems to work at their best, releasing the old and making room to receive the new!

I have 2 non-negotiable 20min time-slots in my diary to meditate. I call this my appointment with my “higher self”. I often hop back into bed to do my morning meditation (or I meditate outside in our courtyard). I then incorporate some form of movement. This is usually a walk with Steve followed by the 5 Tibetan Rites – an ancient yoga based routine said to promote longevity and vitality. The 5 Tibetan Rites can be done in 10 mins!  It’s then a quick dry body brush before showering. Dry body brushing has become integrated into my routine – I view it with the same importance as brushing my teeth! I use my time in the shower to recite some of my favourite affirmations in my mind and also start to visualise the day ahead.

My morning routine has developed and adapted over the last 3 years since starting Greene Street Juice Co. – and every morning does not happen like this! The last thing you want is for your morning routine to stress you out if you are not fitting everything in! You have to start where you are and be guided by what feeds your soul.

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