How To: Create The Perfect DIY Christmas Wreath

This Christmas, say hello to timeless paper decorations designed to add a little festive style to your home. The DIY Paper Wreath is the perfect touch and a fun project to complete with loved ones. Hang on your door, mantelpiece or wherever needs a little love.

Here’s how to create your own…


Take your paper leaves and fold them in half lengthways to create a leaf vein effect.


Use the Adhesive Dots to attach each leaf to the cardboard base circle. Press the stem of each leaf against an Adhesive Dot and add to your base.


Alternate between the two paper leaf shapes and, using the Adhesive Dots, attach each to the circle base, overlapping the leaves slightly. Leave a little space at the base of each leaf to attach the second layer of leaves.


Use the Adhesive Dots to fill in any gaps with extra leaves, and then add the second layer of leaves to create an inner circle for your wreath. Overlap these leaves slightly too to achieve a full look.


Finish your wreath by adding the gorgeous gold and white paper berries to your wreath using the Adhesive Dots. Then, attach the ribbon to the base to hang the wreath and you’ve created a stylish DIY Paper Wreath!

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DIY Paper Wreath

DIY Paper Wreath

DIY Paper Wreath

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