How to Create a Mindful Space at Home

Our homes are so important to us. This is our space; to rest, rejuvenate, create, be inspired and to spend time with family and loved ones. Creating a home that is beautiful, welcoming and calming can do so much to improve our sense of calm and wellbeing. We hope these gorgeous and simple ideas help you to build a space that fosters mindfulness and helps you live your best life every day.

Create a place for mindfulness and meditation

In order for our minds to rest and refresh, we need a physical space that brings a sense of calm and allows us to switch off. A great place for this is the bedroom but you can create your mindful space anywhere in the house. Banish digital distractions like phones, TVs and other devices and add things like comfy cushions and delicious Scented Candles. Whether you use this space to write in your journal, read or just sit in stillness for a few moments, you’ll  love having a space where you can go to refresh and unwind.

Be inspired to embrace mindful living with these ideas for your home

Celebrate creativity

Whether you hang prints by your favourite artist or place inspiring Quote Cards around your living space, filling your home with creativity is a great way to spark your own.

Make every moment special

We live in a world where everything is all-go, all-the-time. Taking a moment to slow down and appreciate the little things can help us live more mindfully. We love taking a fika (Swedish for tea or coffee break) each day and using the time to pause and celebrate the wonderful things around us, big or small. Our gorgeous glass Teapot and Tea Cup are perfect for making this little ritual even more beautiful.

Declutter and decorate thoughtfully

Our lives are filled with so many things these days. What if we removed what was unnecessary and simply filled our homes with things that we love? Taking time regularly to declutter not only helps us to create a more organised life but also helps us to better appreciate what we do have.

Be inspired to embrace mindful living with these ideas for your home

Practise Gratitude

Studies have shows that practising gratitude improves our physical and mental health and aids better relationships with those around us. A wonderful way to incorporate more gratitude into your life is to keep a Gratitude Journal. Even taking just 5 minutes a day to appreciate the people and things we love can help us to live more mindfully. Of course, once you’ve felt gratitude for someone, don’t forget to express it by sending them a card or making a small gesture to let them know how great they are.

Be inspired to embrace mindful living with these ideas for your home

We hope these tips help you to create a home you love and embrace more mindfulness each day! Don’t forget to explore our new Svenska Hem Homewares Collection for more beautiful tools to design a space filled with joy.

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