How to Choose Meaningful Gifts with Zanita

This Christmas, we’re collaborating with some of our favourite stylish people to see how they’re getting creative and spreading joy over the festive season.We’re feeling so inspired by Zanita Whittington’s tips for making your Christmas gifts truly personal and meaningful. Watch our video with Zanita below!

What are your top tips for making your Christmas gifts personal and meaningful?
Its sounds obvious but its really ‘the thought that counts’ – meaning, consider who you’re buying the gift for and your connection to that person and find a way to give a gift that’s a nod to what makes your relationship unique. Something homemade will always feel special, or maybe a gift that will create a shared experience, like concert or theatre tickets. You can also create a gift in the message, like buying a diary and writing in it some stories about your favourite moments shared with that person.

Who are you most excited to treat to a gorgeous gift this Christmas?
Definitely my brand new nephew Maverick! He won’t remember it at all – so essentially it’s going to be a gift my sister will enjoy. He’s my new favourite human – being an Aunty is the best.

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With your family back in Australia, how important is it to connect with them over the holidays and how do you stay close despite the distance?
This is something that aches my heart constantly, New York is about as far from Esperance as it could possibly be. We use WhatsApp to keep in touch, sending videos and pictures, calling when we can. I’m going back for Christmas this year – it’s a 30 hour journey and I’ll only be staying a few days before heading back. It’s still worth it a million times over, there’s nothing greater than having your loved ones around you at Christmas.

What activities are you most looking forward to enjoying this Christmas?
Given my chances to spend time with my family are few and far between, I’d be happy if we sat around drinking tea and nothing else – but I have a very large extended family so we usually get to together on one of the family farms, eat too much, play a game of cricket and tell cheesy jokes.

What are your top tips for embracing more joy over the holidays?
When everyone is involved in the whole production of Christmas, none of it feels like a chore. No one should be left cleaning up alone! When everyone helps out, there’s more time to all enjoy each other’s company and have fun catching up.

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What are some small ways you’re hoping to be able to give back to others this Christmas?
I love to clean out my wardrobe at the end of the year and give all my excess clothes to charity – every little bit helps!

With such a busy schedule and lots of Christmas prep to be done, how do you stay organised?
I’m NOT a very organised person – I feel like my life is constant chaos, I’m always playing catch. This year I’m going to endeavour to get everything down in my diary but it’s often a bit of a struggle. All a work in progress!

What’s a Christmas gift you’d love for yourself?
The 88 Mindful Moments book is top of my list! Working online and in social media, being present is definitely not my strong suit. I love the book for all the positive affirmations and helpful advice – sometimes all your need is the right tidbit of knowledge to switch your mindset to something more focused and positive.

What’s your favourite gift you’re giving to someone else this Christmas?
My Dad is super challenging to buy for – but a beautiful leather notebook, embossed with his initials is such a special gift – and I know he’ll think of me everyday throughout the year when he uses it.

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