How to be More Productive with your Stockholm Planner

Practising good organisation is essential to achieving that calm, productive and in control feeling we all look for at work and in our personal lives. Being able to easily manage deadlines, projects and our time leads to lower stress and more positivity. This in turn frees up our minds so we can focus on the bigger things.

Of course, better organisation depends on having the right tools and using them in a way that works for us. Handcrafted from premium leather, our new Burgundy Stockholm Personal Planner is designed to be a complete organisation solution for people with busy schedules. To inspire you to get started, here are our top tips for gaining better productivity with yours.

Create a set up that works for you

Whether you’ve just opened your new Planner or want to get more out of one you already have, it’s a great idea to customise it to your specific needs. Think about the different responsibilities in your life and assign a different section to each one using our customisable labels. We love having a ‘Pending Projects’ or ‘To Do’ section dedicated to all current tasks. This means you can instantly flick to this section and see what needs to be done. Then you can dedicate the remaining sections to meetings, longer terms projects, ideas, inspirations and personal tasks. Be clear on what belongs in each section so everything has a home and you can easily flick to the information you need.

How to be more productive with your kikki.K Planner

Check in every morning and evening

You might already start your day by opening your Planner and looking at the day ahead but do you do the same thing when you leave work? Taking ten minutes at the end of the day to assess the status of each project or task means that you’ll be able to start the next morning with a clearer picture of where you are. Think about what you’ve still got left to achieve and how urgent each thing is and then plan your next day to incorporate these.

Write down 3 priorities each day

Following on from the previous step, writing down 3 priorities each morning for the day ahead will help you refocus and get the important things done first. It can be so tempting to procrastinate but tackle the bigger tasks head on and you’ll be surprised how quickly you get them done. Then you’ll have more time free later in the day to work on smaller, ad hoc tasks.

Keeping your Planner perfectly organised is an ongoing process. Each week, set aside an hour where you sit down and review your progress and have a clear out. Remove anything that you no longer need and either file or recycle it. Check over your upcoming schedule and take some time to think about how you’re tracking on your long term goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things, so doing this gives you a chance to evaluate yourself and stick to your goals.

Having a Planner you love means you’ll be excited to use it every day and stick to your processes. Discover kikki.K’s planners here.

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