How to be Creative Every Day with our new Journal

Creativity isn’t just for people who work in creative industries. Creativity is found in just about everything we do. You are creative when you cook, organise, solve a problem or think differently. You might not realise it but you are creative every day. Our new Creativity Journal is designed to help you unleash your inner creative. Filled with unique prompts, inspiring questions and fun activities, it will help you see the world in new ways.

Watch our video to find out more. Plus read on for 5 of our favourite tips to help you be more creative every day.

Inspiration is all around you; you just have to be open to it. Here are some of our favourite daily prompts to inspire creativity

1. Ask Questions – We all have tasks and activities we do the same way over and over. Why not let your curiosity take over and ask yourself if there’s a different way of doing things? Little daily actions can have a big impact on your life!

Discover these creativity tips

2. Make a Creativity Playlist – Music is a great tool that helps us open our minds and explore the possibilities. Make a list of your favourite motivational songs and play it each time you want to get into a creative head space.

3. Visit a Gallery or Museum – Inspiration doesn’t live in a vacuum. Make time to visit galleries and museums regularly, letting the paintings and artworks inform your own ideas and projects.


4. Surround yourself with Creative People – Start a book club or supper group and relish conversations with people who inspire.

5. Start a Vision Board – Love adding your favourite quotes, prints and magazine clippings and make your work space more inspiring.

Discover the beauty of thinking creatively and allow it to inspire you to chase your dreams and do what you love, no matter what.

Discover our Creativity Journal for more great tips, activities and prompts.

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