Hop on These Creative and Chocolate-Free Easter Ideas

With Easter just around the corner and our gorgeous new Living Well Collection available, we think now is the perfect time to get creative with the family. From DIY bunny bunting to gift bags full of fun treats and seriously easy recipe ideas, it’s time to have fun, create memories and make Easter about more than just the Easter Bunny (or chocolate) this year!

DIY Easter Gift Bags

We love Easter, but instead of showering loved ones in just chocolate this Easter, why not put together a thoughtful handmade gift? Our Paper Lover’s Book is full of DIY gift bag and treat box projects you can whip up and fill with baked treats or healthy snacks.

Check out plenty of fun recipes on our Blog that you could use to fill your treat bags and boxes here: https://blog.kikki-k.com/category/recipes/

Of course, you can fill with chocolate too! But there are other options if you want to avoid chocolate. Plus, if you’re trying to steer clear of sacks completely this Easter, you can even fill your gift bags with cute stationery – pens, pencils, adhesive notes and more – or anything else your loved ones will enjoy!

Little ones will love the thoughtful gift, and you’ll love giving it too. Or better yet, why not get them involved in the creative process and enjoy connecting through craft this Easter?

DIY Bunny Bunting

Using the gorgeous patterned paper in our Paper Lover’s Book – or even some fun Wrapping Paper – cut out as many bunny shapes as you would like to use on your bunting.

Using cottonwool and a little glue, add some fluffy tails to your bunnies as well. Then, attach twine to the back of each cut-out bunny using tape, and hang somewhere special for everyone to see!

Quick Cookie Decorating Ideas

Using any biscuit recipe (we love a good shortbread one but anything will do), cut your cookies out into egg shapes using a cookie cutter, then bake.

Or, if you’re short on time, you can simply use your favourite already egg-shaped biscuits such as milk arrowroot for a quick and easy solution.

Once you have your egg-shaped cookies (and they are cool enough to play with) decorate them using coloured icing, sprinkles and  any other edible fun things you wish – in any design you like.

You could also top the cookies in fondant icing to create the look of colourful Easter eggs, then decorate the top of it. Have fun with this activity as a family, then you can all sit down to a delicious afternoon tea. A fun, unique and simple celebration of Easter.

Classic Easter Egg Hunt (WARNING: This one includes chocolate)

If a traditional Easter Egg Hunt is more your style, be sure to check out our Blog on creating the perfect adventure for the whole family below (with FREE downloadables as well!)

How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt at Home!

Whatever you decide to have fun with this Easter, enjoy the feeling of connecting through creativity – one of our favourite ingredients in the recipe of Living Well.

And don’t forget to share your creative projects with us using #kikkikyourway #kikkiklove and #kikkikDIY

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