#32: Hollie Grant – Empowering Women Through Exercise, Living for the Moment & Caring for Your Body and Mind – Your Dream Life Podcast

This episode, Kristina chats with the Hollie Grant – award-winning Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and creator of the Pilates PT Method, which aims to help people nourish, sweat and strengthen their way to lifelong wellness. Listen as they discuss Hollie’s mission to empower people of all sizes and abilities to develop a positive approach and love of exercise, learn how the body and mind work together and discover how exercise can be used as a means of kindness for your body.

As an ex-chef, Hollie is totally against dieting and believes that a strong, functional, flexible body is key and that we should eat to nourish our bodies, not starve them.

With her down-to-earth personality and no-nonsense approach to training, it’s no surprise she has created a huge following and presence on social media, as well as her own Strong Women podcast.

Hollie is also a contributing fitness writer for Psychologies magazine and global brand ambassador for Sweaty Betty – as well as the author of her own book The Model Method.

Since recording this wonderful episode, Hollie has also been incredibly busy becoming a new mother to her gorgeous baby girl, Freya – congratulations Hollie!

After being frustrated by the way women are often made to feel about their bodies, Hollie had the vision to break the current mold of fitness studios that focus on women’s insecurities, and instead, set about creating environments that allow women to feel strong, safe and comfortable while looking after their body and mind.

She is an absolute inspiration, and in this exciting episode you will discover:

  • The importance of creating balance in your life through exercise
  • How the body and mind work together, and the importance of nourishing and strengthening both
  • That fitness is individual, and you have to find a method you enjoy – remembering that what works for one person will not work for everyone
  • The importance of listening to what your body needs
  • How to start thinking about exercise as a means of kindness to your body, rather than something you have to do
  • The power of saying ‘no’ and remembering that sometimes being selfish can be the best thing you can do for everyone involved
  • That life is too short not to make the most of every moment, and so much more!

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‘Something I really loved was how Hollie encourages us all to treat our body and mind with kindness, and how she believes that listening to your body and also checking in with yourself is the first step to living a happier and healthier life.’ Kristina Karlsson’

‘This is so incredibly true, and whether you want to feel healthier or happier, change careers, change habits or chase a new dream, anything is possible when you start focusing on what you really want.’ Kristina Karlsson



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