#9: Dr Hazel Wallace – Habits, Positive Rituals & Believing Anything is Possible with The Food Medic – Your Dream Life Podcast

Dr Hazel Wallace, Founder of the incredible The Food Medic website, podcast, blog and best-selling books joins Kristina in this incredible episode. Passionate about maximising health through how we live our lives and how we view food, physical activity, sleep, stress management and our social connections, Hazel is on a mission to educate, inspire, and help everyone achieve their best life – their healthiest life!

Hazel is not only a best-selling author, content creator, award-winning blogger, Instagram star, personal trainer and influencer, she is also a qualified, practising medical doctor, who is amazingly just about to finish her third university degree!

Her passion for medicine and health began after sadly losing her father to a stroke when she was just 14. This pivotal event changed the way she viewed the world and sparked a true passion in her for helping people.

Back in 2012, Hazel created the The Food Medic blog while studying medicine, to help educate and inspire herself to become a healthier, and stronger person. However, it wasn’t long before she noticed a gap in the curriculum for nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. And this is where her quest to bridge the gap between traditional medical advice, nutrition and other areas of preventative lifestyle began.

Hazel’s story is a wonderful example of how it is possible to create something positive out of difficult times. Driven by her passion for helping people live their dream lives through better health, she has found her purpose and continues to inspire and educate us all.

In this wonderful episode, you’ll discover…

  • How sometimes it’s the most challenging times in your life that will lead you to discover your passion and change things for the positive
  • How, no matter how many times you fail, nothing is final, and everything is possible
  • How by making a few simple food and lifestyle changes, you can set yourself on a healthier path to living your best life
  • Hazel’s amazing ideas on food and lifestyle, and how she is changing the way the world approaches wellness and medicine
  • How, no matter what your dreams or goals are, if you believe in them enough and work hard, you truly can make them happen.

And so much more!

Hazel is a perfect example of how you can choose to follow any dream you have, even if it means completely changing direction. And as she says, ‘failure isn’t final.’

“I found it truly inspiring how, even though Hazel thought she would always end up following in her father’s footsteps, she discovered a new passion for medicine after his passing – and chose to pursue that.” Kristina Karlsson

“The way Hazel has paved her own way to follow her dreams of educating the world is just so inspiring.” Kristina Karlsson


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