Healthy Habits for your Desk

Embracing health is a choice we make each and every day. That’s why we believe having the right tools and motivation is incredibly important to more mindful living. Choosing to surround yourself with beautiful homewares and stationery that encourage and motivate you is the first step to making positive changes to your life. These are some of our favourite ways to use our new Svenska Hem collection to encourage healthy habits as you work.

Choose the right snacks

It’s so easy to grab a sugary or fatty snack during the day. Ironically it’s at times when we’re tired and busy that we need to look after our bodies the most. Keeping healthy snacks on your desk like nuts and fruit are a great way to ensure the food you eat during the day is nutritious and healthy. Use our Canvas Bags and Nesting Bowls to keep healthy snacks within easy reach to keep your energised and feeling amazing.

Take a Break

There’s nothing better than taking ten minutes away from your desk to clear your head and improve your positive energy. It’s also essential for giving your eyes a rest if you stare at a screen all day. Place our stylish copper Karlsson Clock on your desk to remind you to take that all important break every few hours. Walk around the block, make a cup of tea or do some simple stretches to wake you up and help you refocus. When you get back, you’ll find you’re able to approach the task or project with more energy and clarity than before.

Svenska Hem CollectionBe Inspired

We all need to be reminded why we started every now and again. Thinking about the unique things that are important to you and make you happy during the day is a great way to boost your positive energy. Whether you place photos on a Vision Board or add a gorgeous Quote Card to your desk, having visual aids will help you stay calm, focused and motivated as you work.

Drink plenty of water

Did you know that our bodies need at least eight glasses of water a day? Keeping our Glass Water Bottle on your desk is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated during the day. If you get bored of plain water, why not add a few slices of lemon or mint leaves for a tasty treat? Plus you can use our Teapot to brew some beautiful herbal tea to drink instead. Choose a green tea to give you an energy boost or cleanse and detox with mint or lemon and ginger blends.

Be inspired to create your inspiring and motivational workspace with our Svenska Hem collection here.

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