#4: Gretchen Rubin – Happiness, Habits & Taking Control – Your Dream Life Podcast

Join Kristina as she speaks with the incredible Gretchen Rubin, multiple New York Times Bestseller and author of The Happiness ProjectBetter Than Before and many more! Be inspired as they explore the power of passion, the importance of habits and how by taking control of your life you can create a happier life – your dream life!

As one of the most inspiring, influential and thought-provoking observers of happiness and human nature today, Gretchen inspires millions of people to make positive changes to their lives in their quest for a happier existence. In fact, Gretchen’s values and beliefs align so perfectly with ours at kikki.K that we’ve even been lucky enough to collaborate with her a few times in the past!

Some highlights of her inspiring career include being interviewed by Oprah, meeting the Dalai Lama and having her impressive works featured in a medical journal. Known for her ability to convey complex ideas with humour and clarity, in a way that’s accessible to a wide audience, Gretchen truly is an inspiration.

Her wisdom continues to inspire millions of people to make sustainable positive changes to their daily lives. And her story is a wonderful example of how we can take control of our lives and let our values guide us in creating happier life, a life of purpose – our Dream Life.

In this amazing episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Gretchen took control of her life and career to create a life she loves
  • How happiness plays such an important part in living our dream life
  • How important it is to live a life guided by your values
  • How positive habits can play a huge part in creating the life you want
  • And how you too can embrace more happiness in your everyday

– and so much more!


As a New York Times Bestseller and author of many incredible books including The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, today, Gretchen’s award-winning podcast ‘Happier with Gretchen Rubin’, explores all aspects of happiness and healthy habits with her sister Elizabeth Craft.

But Gretchen’s life wasn’t always dedicated to writing and inspiring others to live a happier existence…

Starting out her career studying law, as a clerk for a Supreme Court Justice, Gretchen took a moment one day to consider what else she might be interested in. Uninspired by the world of law, she began considering what it was that did inspire her. It was then that she decided to change paths to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

Gretchen took the leap, took control of her life and left her law career to follow her passion. After years of pursuing this career, Gretchen was sitting on a city bus when she thought to herself “What do I want from my life?” And the answer? “To be happy!”

A hunger for understanding happiness sparked and her fascination grew into a career dedicated to helping people embrace more happiness in their everyday. After finding her passion and following it, she jumped into the driver’s seat of her own life and is now living her dream existence.

 “I find it so inspiring that Gretchen has been able to create a career out of sharing her experiences and ideas on living a happier life.” Kristina Karlsson

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