Gratitude Challenge: Make a DIY Photo Album

Christmas is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the people that make your life special, and why. That’s why, each week, we’re helping you to express gratitude in all its forms with our Gratitude Challenge. Choose an activity each day, or at random, and love letting the people in your life know how appreciated they are. This week, we’re sharing this DIY Photo Book idea…

At Christmas, the best gifts come from the heart. That’s why we love the idea of creating something completely unique for someone special in your life. Why not create a Photo Album using some of your favourite shots from the last year? Capture precious memories and then gift it to a loved one as a wonderful gesture to let them know how much every moment has meant to you.

We used…

DIY Photo Album
Paper Lover’s Book
DIY Sticker Book
Adhesive Dots

How to create a DIY Photo Album for Christmas

What to do…

One way to make your album oh-so-beautiful is to incorporate scrapbooking ideas. We used cut outs and stickers from our DIY Sticker Book and Paper Lover’s Book, layering them on each other for a unique look. Choose your favourite quotes and designs to match back with each photo and love reflecting on the memories as you go.

Be sure to group photos together, for example images from trips, holidays, special events and more. You could even write down moments and memories for each one to complete the story.

How to create a DIY Photo Album for Christmas

Your loved ones are sure to appreciate this gorgeous, handmade gift. We think it’s a wonderful gesture to let someone know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Discover more DIY and scrapbooking tools here. Be sure to share your Gratitude Challenge progress with #kikkiKGratefulHeart.

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