Gorgeous Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

The only thing better than your big day is being able to look back and cherish the memories for years to come. After you’ve put so much work and planning into making everything perfect, you’ll want to make sure you capture those special moments as well as the fun and excitement of the day. Our Happily Ever After collection features three different styles of guest books so you can find the one that suits you best. To get you inspired, here are our favourite ways to use them.

Guest Book Lined

Add Photos

Our Happily Ever After Guest Book features fresh lined pages and a minimal design so your guests are free to write and decorate it however they choose. We love the idea of using an instant camera to print off photos on the day that guests can add alongside their message. You can also have gorgeous stickers to hand to help people get creative. Top Tip: Assign a couple of people with making sure everyone gets involved. It can be so easy with all the fun of the day for people to forget.

Guest Book Questions

Ask Questions

Giving your guests a little inspiration is a great way to ensure you end up with a fun keepsake that’s really personal to you. Our Guest Book Questions includes cute prompts to get guests writing about the day, the two of you and their advice for a happy marriage. Featuring a gorgeous hardback cover and printed box, you’ll love looking back at the sweet and funny answers inside.

Make it Fun

Your guests will love sharing their pearls of wisdom with our Advice to the Happy Couple cards. Use them alongside or instead of a Guest Book to encourage your friends and loved ones to send you sweet, personalised messages. Top Tip: place them on the tables during the reception as a fun activity to get everyone talking and laughing.

Feeling inspired to plan your dream wedding? Discover our gorgeous Happily Ever After collection here.

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