Giving Kindness and Good The World Over This Christmas

In addition to spoiling your loved ones at Christmas time, it’s also a beautiful time of year to reflect and show gratitude for all the wonderful people in your life, and also give a little good to those who may be less fortunate or having a difficult time, for any reason. A simple act of kindness, no matter how small, can truly make a difference in someone’s life – even if just for a day or even an hour.

As you go about your Christmas and holiday season, try to remember that any act of kindness can spark a ripple effect of happiness and positivity that can be felt far and wide. Here are some of our favourite ways to give good at this time of year – what are yours?


Unfortunately, we live in a world where not everyone has a warm and happy home to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. There are many people sleeping rough, going hungry or simply having a hard time, and the festive season can be a particularly difficult time for many. From volunteering at a charity to providing food for those in need, there are many ways we can help others at this time of year. Why not research different ways you can help in your local community, not only during the festive season but all year round?


For those with children, if your little ones receive a heap of shiny new toys from Santa this year (have they been naughty or nice?!), why not encourage them to donate some old – yet still perfectly functional – toys to charity so a child less fortunate can also have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year? This could be something you do every year.


For many of us, Christmas is a time for celebrating and being with family, friends and loved ones, but for those who may be alone at this time of year, the festive season can be very difficult. If you have an elderly neighbour or someone you know who lives alone or has no family around them at this time of year, why not pay them a visit, give them a handwritten Christmas card, invite them over for a simple cup of tea, or better yet, invite them to enjoy Christmas with your loved ones? Kindness is a magical thing and even the smallest gesture can make a difference in someone’s day – especially during the holiday period.


The festive season brings with it the desire to tick off lists – not just for gifts, but people and places to visit, things to see and do. We can get so caught up trying to get to the other side of the season that we lose sight of making these things truly meaningful.

Christmas is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the people that make your life special, and why: to think about the memories you’ve experienced and moments you still have to look forward to. Think about all the people who’ve helped, supported or simply experienced things with you this year, and consider ways you can express your gratitude for them.

Gratitude shouldn’t only be reserved for loved ones either. You could give thanks to your local postman who delivers your mail each week, the barista you buy your daily coffee from, a neighbour, teacher, doctor or anyone who has made your life easier in 2019. Write them a note, give them a small handmade or hand-baked gift, write them a handwritten card or simply say ‘thank you’. Any little gesture will make them feel loved and appreciated at this special time of year.


It’s easy to get caught up in all that’s going on at this time of year and feel as though we simply don’t have time to volunteer, donate or do something big to help others. Most of the time though, this is because we put too much pressure on the size of the good deed we feel we should be doing. You don’t have to donate all your time or money, or even go out of your way too much to help make Christmas a happy time for others.

Being kind is simply about considering others, and it’s the same as we go about the festive season. A simple handwritten card to someone less fortunate, a smile in the line at the grocery store to a stranger who may be struggling with the busyness of the season or even lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on to family members who may be having a rough year. Kindness is one of the simplest yet most powerful things we can give as humans – and it costs nothing.

From all of us at kikki.K, no matter what you and your loved ones are planning for Christmas, we hope this time is filled with happiness, kindness, love and joy, and that those feelings stay with you through 2020.

Today, and every day, our purpose is to inspire you to dream, do, enjoy and share. We hope your Christmas is filled with everything that makes Christmas magical for you – whether that’s being surrounded by great company or face-timing loved ones the world over, eating mindfully (or perhaps a little too much!), giving back to your community or doing your most favourite thing to celebrate you and yours. No matter how you celebrate this season, we hope it’s filled with little moments that’ll make heart-warming memories for years to come.

God Jul (Swedish for Merry Christmas) and Happy New Year from all of us a kikki.K!

Note: If you’re looking for some other ways you can be a #giverofgood at this time of year – and any time of year! – head over to our article from World Kindness Day for plenty of simple ways to spread the love.