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At kikki.K we think it is important to embrace the time leading up to Christmas as the chance to experience all the wonderful moments that make the holiday really count. The festive season is the perfect opportunity to slow down and appreciate the little moments and fantastic people in our lives.

Discover our Workshops

Of course the holidays can also be busy and a little bit stressful, which is where our kikki.K Workshops come in handy. Each session is designed to help you tackle a specific area of your life so you can learn tips and tricks to help you thrive. Over the festive season, choose from our Christmas Workshops and our Christmas Wrapping Workshops. Or plan ahead for 2017 and book into one of our other Workshops including, Mindfulness, Habits, Organisation, Happiness and more. They’re a great way to start the new year fresh and make a beautiful gift too.

Find out more with our video and see below for details on our Christmas Workshops.

 Christmas Workshop

Christmas is just around the corner and we all know how stressful it can be when you have a million things to organise. That’s why we’re so excited about our Christmas Workshops. They’re the perfect way to help you stay inspired and worry-free this Christmas. Discover how planning ahead can leave you with more time for what really matters with real-world tips and exercises that can help you enjoy better organisation. Then be inspired to stop and reflect on the people and things that make your life so special.

Discover our Christmas Workshops

 Christmas Wrapping Workshop

Once you’ve found the perfect gifts, be inspired to make them even more beautiful by wrapping the kikki.K way. Join our inspiring Workshop to learn the principles of wrapping and how to tackle hard-to-wrap items.  Get hands-on with some fun and versatile DIY activities and be inspired to personalise your wrapped gifts.

To book a Workshop, contact your favourite kikki.K store. You can find more information and our upcoming schedule here.


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