Get Organised for Christmas with your Planner

Planning is the first step to achieving. Welcome the freedom that organisation brings and enjoy the holiday season by planning ahead. Your kikki.K Planner is the perfect place to start. Use it to set yourself goals, create handy to do lists and organise your time. Having all of your tasks and reminders in one easy-to-reference place will do so much to relieve stress, not to mention the joy that comes from reconnecting with the simple pleasure that comes from putting pen to paper.

You’ll need…

Leather Personal Planner
DIY Sticker Book
Paper Lover’s Book
Printed Notepad
Metal Rollerball Pen
Adhesive Dots
Printed Paper Tape
Star Ornament
Glitter Tape

Get organised for Christmas with your kikki.K Planner

Count Down the Days

To decorate the inside cover of our Planner, we placed a Pop Up Card in the front pocket and then used our Advent Card to help us count down the days in style. This cute and simple idea is perfect for helping you to slow down and appreciate each moment in the lead up to Christmas.

Create a Planner Charm

This holiday season, why not get truly into the spirit by adding a festive charm to your Planner? We simply used a Metal Ornament and Ribbon to create ours, adding it to our rings to keep it in place.

Get organised for Christmas with your kikki.K Planner

Organise your Gift List

This fun page marker is the perfect way to keep track of which gifts you still need to get for your loved ones. We used a page and stickers from our Paper Lover’s Book to make ours.

Get organised for Christmas with your kikki.K Planner

Plan your Christmas Menu

If you’re getting the family together during the holidays, why not use a section of your planner to keep track of recipe inspiration, shopping lists and menus? We used an envelope from our Paper Lover’s Book to hold ours, using a DIY page marker made from Glitter Tape to finish.

Practise Gratitude

While the festive season is often a busy time of year, there’s always time to express gratitude and focus on the wonderful things in our lives. Spend a little time reflecting on what matters by adding a Gratitude List to your Planner. We simply used a sheet from our Printed Notepad to make ours.

We hope these ideas help you to plan a fun and stress-free festive season. Be sure to share your ideas with us using #kikkiKPlannerLove.

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