Get Creative with our Gorgeous New Paper Lover’s Book

Craft fans, you won’t be able to help from falling for our new Paper Lover’s Book. From Stickers to Bunting, Wrapping Paper to Postcards and so much more, it features everything you could want to get creative. Add yours to your stationery collection to always have something stylish to hand for birthdays, special occasions or anytime.

To let you get a closer look at the Paper Lover’s Book, we’ve created a short video showing some of our favourite ways to use it. From giving your gifts an extra special touch to creating gorgeous paper bunting for your desk space, we hope you feel inspired to use our Paper Lover’s book to brighten your everyday, as well as make gorgeous gifts for your family and friends.

Discover our Paper Lover’s Book here.

3 Replies to “Get Creative with our Gorgeous New Paper Lover’s Book”

  1. Simply beautiful 🙂 I love how you make it so uncomplicated and its ok. I also love how the peach and the blue works together I didn’t think they would. thank you 🙂

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