Get Creative with our Christmas Paper Book

The holidays are the perfect time to take a moment out and spend some time reconnecting with the simple joy of pen and paper. There are so many ways to get creative; whether you’re decorating your home, wrapping gifts or making home baked treats for your loved ones. Our new Paper Lover’s Book has hundreds of stickers, tags, cut outs, printed paper, wrapping paper, DIY ideas and more so you’ll be sure to have everything you could want. To inspire you to get started, here are some of our favourite ideas.

Wrap your gifts

There are so many ways to make your wrapped gifts creative and oh-so-unique. Pop out the DIY Paper Bow, assemble and use to top your presents. Add to some Printed Paper Tape and finish off with a label from the Book.

Create a mini festive scene with our Paper Lovers Book

Create a mini festive scene

These easy-to-assemble paper Christmas trees are such a quick and easy way to add some festive fun to any space. Place them on your desk, your Christmas table or anywhere you want to celebrate the joy of the season.

Decorate home baked treats with our Paper Lovers Book

Home baked treats

There’s something so meaningful about sending your love with something you’ve made by hand. Whether you bake traditional Swedish pepparkakor or chocolate treats, it’s so easy to give them some wow factor by using the labels and tags from the Paper Lover’s Book.

Mini treat box

Have a hard-to-wrap little gift? The Paper Lover’s Book is full of little treat boxes and bon bon gift boxes. Simply pop them out and assemble for a gorgeous surprise or tree decoration.

Feeling the paper love? Discover the Paper Lover’s Book here.

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