Fun for Teachers: Creative and Inspiring Tools For Your Classroom + Downloadable DIY Projects

Teachers, this one’s for you! No doubt you’ve kicked off your new year with fresh ideas to help keep your students motivated and inspired, but if you’re looking for a few extra activities, kikki.K is full of wonderful tools to help you have fun and inspire your class even more. Check out some our favourites below, plus, we’ve also created some wonderful and FREE downloadable DIY projects and trackers you can share with your students to boost their creativity and inspire them well into the year.

Paper Lover’s Books

A staple item at kikki.K Headquarters, our beloved Paper Lover’s Books are the perfect addition to your classroom. Ideal for craft time, as a special reward or for whenever creativity strikes, students can spend their time creating DIY goodness with a  collection of patterned paper, stickers, cards, wrapping paper, DIY projects, and much more.

Crafting with paper has so many benefits – from developing creativity to increasing mindfulness. The tactile nature of creating with paper simply can’t be replicated! Help your students express their creativity and make delicious decorations and fun paper creations they – and you – will love!

Affirmation Cards, Empowerment Cards and Quote Cards

It’s important we remind the next generation (as well as ourselves) that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. One way to do this is to get them to choose an Affirmation Card, Quote Card or Empowerment Card and read the message aloud, to remind themselves how wonderful and capable they are. You could even go one step further once they get the hang of it and ask them to start writing their own affirmations.

Ask students to choose a card each day, week or whenever you feel they need motivation. And the best part is that these cards are beautifully designed so they’re perfect for adding to vision boards, sticking in diaries or notebooks or keeping in their pencil cases or bags so they never forget how wonderful they are.


Create a gorgeous keepsake with your class, using our beautiful DIY Album. Available in a range of colours, you can display photos, memories and messages on the internal pages, and express your creativity along the way. The cover is perfect for personalising with our alphabet stickers and you can customise the inside using our gel pens, stickers, stamps, quote cards and more. Also features a sweet ribbon closure and back pocket for storing letters, notes and photos. Your students will love it! Check out our DIY Album Blog here for more ways to have fun with yours!


School days should be fun and well as inspiring and educational, so get ready to have a heap of fun and motivate your students (along with yourself) to follow their dreams, stay hydrated and get creative with some DIY love with these handy downloadable projects and trackers.

Dream Cards: Download for FREE here

Hydration tracker: Download for FREE here

Paper Daisy Decoration: Download for FREE here

Cat Bookmark: Download for FREE here

Set yourself up for a super creative and motivated 2020 with our entire Back to School Collection, available online and instore now.

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