From Little Things Big Things Grow. Meet kikki.K Designer, Katja

Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that make the greatest memories. Discover how kikki.K designer, Katja, took her inspirations from her Scandinavian summers by the lake and the beauty of the small everyday moments we all experience to create our sweetest collection yet, Woodland Wanders.

Have you always had a passion for design?
Drawing and creating by hand has always been big part of my life and my identity, so becoming a designer was just a very natural path for me. I don’t think I ever even considered doing anything else when I was growing up!

I went from endlessly drawing on my notebooks to eventually studying Graphic Design and Branding while still living in my home country Finland. While studying, I developed a real passion for art and design history as well as a love for creating fun, everyday objects. And now I’m lucky enough to be working in a role where I get to see my drawings and ideas come to life, and see people using the products I’ve designed – it’s so amazing!

What inspired you for this collection?
I moved to Australia in 2013 and I still regularly miss my Scandinavian summers by the lake, and the crispy autumn mornings when you can almost smell the first snow in the air. For this range, I wanted to capture some of that nostalgic feeling by hand-drawing all the sweet little things that make Nordic nature so special. In the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to forget the beauty that occurs naturally around us, and I wanted the designs in this Woodland Wanders range to remind everyone to take a moment to pause and enjoy the little things. The things that we sometimes take for granted.

What are your three favourite pieces from the collection?

This is just a great everyday staple for me. I love ticking off to do lists and this one has a pink border with sweet little graphics of mushrooms, toadstools and hedgehogs, so you really can’t go wrong!

I love designing sticker books because you can run wild with the drawings and really inspire people. I always hope the sticker books I create will encourage people to write more and take the time to get creative for their loved ones.

I absolutely adore plants and love hedgehogs, so what could be better than these hedgehog pot planters for adding a little greenery to your home or workspace?


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