FREE Downloadable: Your 2020 Christmas Organiser is Here!

There’s a reason this time of year is called the most wonderful…. ‘tis the season of festivity and the season of Christmas! It’s a time for love, laughter, family and giving back to others. Giving kindness to not only your loved ones, but yourself!

And of course, there’s also quite a bit of organisation and planning that needs to be done to bring the magic to life. That’s why we’re really excited to bring your our much-loved Christmas Organiser as a FREE downloadable this year!

Yes, you heard right. It’s FREE! Normally valued at AU $16.99, you can download yours now (print it out or keep it handy on your phone or iPad) and enjoy the freedom that comes from organisation at this wonderful time – as well as a peek into the beautiful Christmas graphics you can expect to see when our full collection arrives soon!

You might be wondering why we don’t have it printed as a purchasable product for you again this year. Due to our challenging start to the year, our production timelines were pushed back, meaning some of our product collections are running late (and a few of our festive favourites, like the Organiser, sadly won’t be available this year). We still really wanted you to have this one though, which is why we’ve chosen to gift it to you as a free downloadable to make up for it.

Ensure you enjoy a calm and joyful festive season with this handy tool, featuring monthly calendars, to-do lists and sections for keeping track of your gift ideas, Christmas Card checklist, decorations, inspiration, menu planning and more!

Download your FREE 2020 Christmas Organiser now!

Don’t forget, we’re all about giving kindness at kikki.K, and have a gorgeous selection of gifts for all your loved ones online and in-store now – so you can organised with your gifting early this year!

And keep an eye out for our full Christmas Collection, coming soon!

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