Fall Back in Love with your Diary

With the rise of all things digital, it can be easy to be swept up with hundreds of different apps, programs and tools. But sometimes it’s the simple joy and tactile nature of putting pen to paper that can really help you focus and reconnect with what’s important.  Our new Financial Year diaries are perfect for helping you slow down, take a moment and get offline. Choose between our gorgeous Ocean, Black Cherry and Cute styles and enjoy these beautiful reasons to love your new diary…

Achieve better focus

Do you ever notice how when you’re online, your mind runs a mile a minute? The constant distractions that come from emails, notifications and a thousand things to look at make it extremely hard to focus on doing just one thing. The act of sitting down with your diary encourages you to pause for a moment and consider your priorities. Encourage yourself to stop at least once a day, get away from the screen and de-clutter your day by looking through your diary. You’ll find your stress levels reduce and you might just come up with your best ideas when you allow your brain to focus.

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Keep everything at your fingertips

The My Pages part of each kikki.K Diary has spaces for movies, books and wish lists. Now whenever you’re feeling inspired by something you can write it down to reference later. It’s a great way to encourage yourself to read more books as well as invest in gorgeous pieces rather than buy things on impulse. The addresses section is also great for inspiring you to write more letters and cards.

Receive a special treat each month

Each month kikki.K Diary Lovers can enjoy a special reward to thank them for loving pen and paper. See the special link your Diary to find out what’s on offer each month.

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