Explore happiness in our Happiness Workshop

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Our Happiness Workshops are designed to help you explore happiness in all areas of your life and make time to do more of what makes you happy.

There’s so much to say about this wonderful topic and happiness is unique to every person. Join us for an inspiring and fun workshop and…

• Discover what happiness means to you
• Learn how to celebrate each moment and enjoy the little things
• Plan to welcome more happiness in by doing more of what makes you happy

Learn, discover, explore and be inspired to live happy with this beautiful workshop.

All attendees enjoy a complimentary copy of our much-loved Happiness Journal. Find out more here and call your local kikki.K store to book your spot today.

Download beautifully happy and inspiring wallpaper for your desktop and phone here.

Let’s start together – what makes you happy?

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  1. Do you facilitate these workshops in locations such as Orange? If so what are the costs associated? I would LOVE to arrange a workshop for our women in mining forum!!!!

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