ENJOY: How to appreciate the little things

How often do you just stop and live in the moment? Once we start working towards our big goals, it can be very easy to forget to simply pause and appreciate the little things that make us happy. Never let ‘being busy’ get in the way of your happiness and overall wellbeing. After all, it’s often the little things, rather than the big things, that can turn an average day into a wonderful one.

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Teacup & Saucer
Hour Glass

If we focus too much on a set point in the future and convince ourselves that we can only be happy once our dreams have come true, we miss out on so much. ENJOY means enjoying your achievements, but also the everyday. ENJOY also helps us to DO more. Read a good book, go for a walk, meditate. Just do whatever you need to do to reenergise and take a moment for yourself.

Learn how to appreciate the little things with our Enjoy Book

We really believe that happiness is an everyday journey. The little moments, the people around you, anything that makes you laugh, dance, jump and smile. Our new Enjoy Book is designed to foster more happiness in your everyday and we’re so excited to share the insights, tips and activities we’ve learned as kikki.K has grown from an initial idea to what it is today.

You can work all day long, but why is it that the great ideas mostly come when you take a moment to breathe? Maybe you get outside and enjoy the sunshine or stop to enjoy a cup of tea with someone who makes you smile. It’s because taking time to simply ENJOY life sparks our creativity. It’s what makes us feel motivated and want to achieve more.

Our new Enjoy Book will help you to stop and celebrate each achievement as well as find more things to be grateful for. Discover recipes, list the things that make you happy, write a bucket list, create a home you love and explore little ways you can shake up your daily routine.

There is always something to be grateful for. Be inspired to fall in love with your life today.

Discover our Enjoy Book.

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