Embrace Some Creativity and DIY Album Fun – Q&A with Our Resident Stylist, Min.

There’s never been a better time to ditch the digital and embrace a little creativity and DIY. Whether it’s enjoying fun, imaginative time for yourself, creating a gift for someone else or to entertain your family, we can’t recommend the feeling of using your hands and experimenting with tactile elements enough! And to share a few different ways you can do this, using our beloved DIY Album, we’ve asked our wonderful resident Stylist, Min, to share her creations with us, as well as a little bit about herself and her creative life!

Our resident stylist, the super-talented and creative Min.
Q | What is it that you love most about DIY projecTS AND being creative?
A |

I love the feeling I get seeing a concept I’ve created come to life and appreciating the finished piece, it really brings me happiness. Being creative brings me joy. After slowing down this year (due to Covid-19) and taking a moment to reflect,  I’ve realised that being creative is my passion. I need to create, whether it’s for work or just in my personal life, e.g. creating a veggie patch for my son or creating a meal I haven’t tried before. It fulfils me.

Q |What does a regular day look like for a stylist?
A |

What I love about my job is that no two days are the same! Some days are spent looking for inspiration, creating concepts for certain jobs and then some days are spent executing those concepts, styling the products and photographing them. Although every day is different, I’m very organised with my approach. From being sent a brief to the execution, is always very similar.

Q |What was it that drew you to styling as a career?
A |

I always had an appreciation for the beauty of everyday things. Whether it was nature, colours, furniture, artwork or photography and I’ve always had a very visual mind. I can see how things complement one another or how a concept will look before it’s a reality. After I finished high school, I studied Visual Merchandising at RMIT. It was such a broadly creative course and gave me a huge scope of knowledge in many different areas such as styling, photography, event design and graphic design. My styling career kicked off when I started working with Kikki.K in 2011 as a Visual Merchandiser and I haven’t looked back since!

Q | Do you have any favourite kikki.K products
A |

My go to kikki. K product is the DIY Album! Documenting memories is important to me. I like to create keepsakes that I can pass on to my son when he’s older, of all of our special times together. The way you can use the DIY Album is open to interpretation and I love that! Of course, I’m also obsessed with the Paper Lover’s Book – it brings the DIY Album to life.

Another product that is really special to me is the Thank You Cards Pack. Taking time to send little thank you notes to my friends and family is something that I make time for. It doesn’t come easy in a time where we live online, but I enjoy the nostalgic feeling it brings me.

Q | Where do you draw your inspiration from for your work and creative projects?
A |

Having a little three-year old, we are always out and about in nature, which really inspires me. The colours, the shapes and the organic beauty of what might get overlooked by some – I store it in my mind. Whilst our outside time has been limited of late, I also use Instagram and other social platforms to gain inspiration. I follow all different sorts of creative accounts, but I especially love interior design/architectural profiles.

Q | Can you please share your inspiration behind the three different ways you’ve used our DIY album?
A |

The ‘Day in the Life’ spread was inspired by our time in lockdown here in Melbourne and ways in which we spend our time: outside, sunshine walks, reading books etc.

For the ‘Inspiring Space’ spread below, I wanted to document my son’s bedroom and play space in the DIY Album because times are ever-changing, and who knows when he will want me to redecorate as he gets older? I realised I would like a memory of his little space as a three-year old.

As mentioned, I’m inspired by nature, so in my ‘Love Nature’ spread below, I wanted to show how you can use the DIY Album for objects other than photos. It’s a place to store anything special really – anything you want to remember. A moment in time.

Q | Have you had to adjust the way you work and your creativity based on this challenging year we’ve been having?
A |

I usually work out of a photo studio, but my lounge room has now become my studio! I am also now working with my son in tow, which has been nice but different! I’m a ‘people person’ and love to bounce ideas around, but having said that, I have come to trust my gut more so than I did before and to trust my abilities as a creative.

Q | If you’re ever having a day that doesn’t feel super creative or inspired, how do find motivation?
A |

I feel like I am most creative or inspired when I feel good, in my mind and body. So, if I’m having a day when I’m feeling a little flat, I like to take a moment, get outside and go for a walk and listen to music. Creative blocks are real!

I find it helpful to talk out any roadblocks with my co-workers or other creatives, sometimes even one single word from another can send you in the right direction!

Q | What is your favourite item in your workspace (or work-from-home space)?
A |

At the moment, whilst working from home, I would have to say it’s my big 10-seater dining table! It has come in handy for laying out all of the products I work with, and as it’s large it enables me to complete DIY projects.

Q | What is it that you love most about being a stylist?
A |

That no day is the same and the feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete; being surrounded by beautifully designed product; the fact that my job is my passion and doesn’t feel like work, and of course, ultimately the greatest reward is knowing that you have connected with your audience to inspire them as well.

Q | Do you have any inspirational or DIY tips to share with our guests who are wanting to start a creative project, but are struggling with inspiration?
A |

I would honestly say,  just start with whatever you have an emotional connection with. For example, photos that bring you happiness. There is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative, just believe in your own abilities! Not one person will have the same creative ideas and that’s what really special about creating.


We hope you enjoyed hearing a little from the lovely Min! If you’re feeling inspired to embrace a little DIY fun, be sure to check out all of our wonderful kikki.K products to help you on your creative way, both in store and online. And if you’re looking for even more DIY inspiration, be sure to check out our How To & DIY Category for plenty more blog articles we think you’ll love.

Of course, our DIY Album is a crowd favourite when it comes to creating beautiful keepsakes and tapping into your creativity, but you might prefer a vision board or something else entirely. Whatever you decide, enjoy the process!

Don’t forget, we love seeing all of your creations, so be sure to share all your gorgeous DIY activities with us using #kikkiklove



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