DREAM: Discover the Power of Dreams

We all have dreams but how many of us really take the time to make dreaming a priority? At kikki.K, we believe that, at least once a day, you should allow yourself the freedom to pause, think and DREAM. After all, dreams are not just flights of our imagination. They are powerful. If we can visualise something in our mind, we’re already on an exciting path towards making it happen.

Our favourite DREAM tools:

Dream Book
Words to Inspire Book
Dream Journal
Quote Card Set
Letters To Myself
3AM Journal

Discover our Dream Book

Dreaming is not a linear process. Our dreams don’t come to us all at once. Instead they grow, develop and change over time, just like we do. That’s why we need to make the time and space to dream regularly. By treating our dreams as a priority, we’re making a promise to ourselves that they really matter. That we really matter.

Dreams are exciting, scary and very important, which is why we’re so thrilled to present our new Dream Book. Filled with questions, activities, thought starters, quotes and more, it’s designed to be used as a workbook and journal combined. Use it to explore your passions, explore what matters to you and give yourself permission embrace the things that bring you joy.

Discover the power of dreams

It should end up looking like your favourite old book; well-worn with maybe a coffee stain or two, maybe even a few tear drops. Add notes as you think of them because writing things down is extremely powerful. You might even find you need an extra notebook or two just to store all your ideas and insights. Plus be sure to go back and reflect often, adding updates along the way. Your Dream Book should become your life companion… and one day, leave it to family or someone special as part of your legacy – to share a glimpse into how you lived your life and to inspire your loved ones for generations.

Let your dreams run wild. Let them grow. Dream as if anything is possible – because it is.

Discover our favourite DREAM tools here.

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