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A new year is the most wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. 365 days equals 365 opportunities for you to create the life you really want. Think about it – there’s almost anything you can achieve this year if you really put your mind to it.

We all tend to start the year with ambitious New Year’s Resolutions in mind. But having big dreams is only the first step on your journey. It’s just as important to put a plan in place and set little everyday habits that will help get you there. The choices you make every single day have the power to drive change and make a really big impact.

Kristina Karlsson

Imagine if 2018 was the year you really made your life your own. What if you stopped and questioned the path you are on? So right now, let’s take a moment to pause, reassess everyday habits and move forward with positivity. To help get you there, I’m sharing a few of the goals I’m working towards this year.

1 Dream big

Dreaming is always the first step to doing. Dreams are not just flights of our imagination but essential parts of our lives. They bring us hope and joy as well as a sense of purpose. I love creating a Vision Board to guide my year ahead. Looking at my dreams visually really inspires me to keep chasing them.

A dream of mine for several years has been to write a book, and 2018 is the year I’m going to do it! So I’ll be working really hard to create something really special to share with you all soon.


2 Cherish family time

No matter how busy I get, I always make time for my family. This year one of my goals is to go offline between 4-8pm each week day. By cutting out work distractions, I hope to be more present with my kids when they get home from school.

Of course, in order to enjoy more family time, keeping track of everyone’s schedules is essential. I use our wonderful Family Calendar to organise appointments, events, days out, travel, the kids’ activities and more.


3. Focus on Wellness

Another one of my goals is to make 2018 my healthiest year yet. That’s why I’m so excited for our upcoming collaboration with one of my favourite inspiring women, Dr Libby Weaver.

Dr Libby is a leading Australasian nutritional biochemist and best-selling author, who has spent the last 20 years researching how we can welcome greater energy and improve our overall health. As part of our upcoming collection, Energise Your Life, we’ll be releasing a limited edition version of her inspiring book, Exhausted to Energised. There will also be a new Exhausted To Energised Journal, which is designed to be used as a workbook alongside the reading title.

I plan on using both to help me make small changes in my life to welcome greater wellbeing, energy and overall enjoyment of life. By focusing on how my body is feeling and recharging my energy levels, I hope to have more time to achieve the big goals I have set myself for the year ahead.

4. Get Up Early and Enjoy my ‘Holy Hour’

We all need to find enough time for acts of self-care in order to feel happy, fulfilled and present. This year, I plan on continuing my daily ritual of getting up at 5am and writing 3 ‘Morning Pages’. This is a tool I learnt from the wonderful Julia Cameron. It feels so freeing to just let your thoughts out on paper. Don’t overthink it. Just let the words flow and love embracing your creativity.

I hope my goals inspire you to explore the habits and everyday actions that will make you happier in 2018. I wish you all the luck in creating a life you truly love.

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