Create your own Paper Fruit

Our fruity new Cute Collection is just bursting with fun and to celebrate we’re sharing this simple downloadable template so you can make your own. Use yours to style your next party or simply place on your desk to add a little colour and brightness to your days. Here’s how to create yours…

Create your own Paper Fruit

  • Download your template here and print out on plain A4 paper
  • Cut out on solid lines
  • Carefully score and fold on dotted lines
  • Fix down tabs using glue, double sided tape or our Adhesive Dots

Create your own Paper Watermelon

Create your own Paper Lemon

Now your 3D fruit will be ready to use. Match them with your favourite Notebook or Planner and love the fun they bring.

6 Replies to “Create your own Paper Fruit”

  1. hi kikki.k, i love these fruits but can you only get the template for the watermelon and lemon? coz in other cute videos it has more than two fruits.

        1. Hi Dashaina, thanks for your comment. Our template was created by our team to replicate the designs featured on the collection and we’re sorry that you feel they are too similar to a design used elsewhere. If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to email us at 🙂

          1. Hi, could you clarify your reply to Dashiana? Your answer appears to go around the circle and not denying that the design was taken from Mr Printables. If the answer is yes, please say yes, if no, say no.

          2. Hi Mory, we apologise if you feel our last answer wasn’t clear enough. As we stated, this was created by our in house designers based on original kikki.K designs and was not taken from anywhere else! Thanks

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