DO: Be Inspired to Achieve your Goals

Living the life we’ve imagined is up to us. No one else can make it happen. We are in control of our lives, the choices we make, the way we spend our time and ultimately how happy and fulfilled we feel. DO follows DREAM. Once we’ve begun to visualise and define our dreams, doing is all the actions, little and big, that we take to make them a reality.

Our favourite DO tools..
Do Book
Goals Journal
Thrive Book
Weekly Goals and Habits Pad
Metal Rollerball Pen

What do you need to DO to live your best life? Imagine if all of your dreams came true? What would need to happen first? Many people never stop to question the path they’re on, but without stopping to explore your dreams, assess where you are and set goals to work towards, how will you know where you’re going and how will you know when you get there?

Discover the power of DO

Doing can involve big plans, ambitious goals and tough choices, but it’s also those little steps we can take to get things done. Here at kikki.K, we’ve learned a lot about productivity over the years and we’re really excited to share the inspiration with you via our Do Book. The activities and exercises in this book are designed to help you define clear goals and make more time to achieve them.

Sometimes simple things can help us do more. Learn how to form new habits and break old ones. Be inspired to embrace the form of goal-setting that best works for you. Discover the keys to productivity and managing your energy, and most importantly let the book foster self-believe within yourself. If we feel confident that we can achieve anything, we really can achieve anything!


Let the book inspire you to focus on your strengths and surround yourself with people who uplift and support you. There are all sorts of ways we can DO. Be inspired to get started today.

Discover our Do Book here.

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